About Me

Hey call me Angie. I love my macbook pro, I love my bags, I love French cuisine, I love my country Indonesia, and I love writing things down.

This blog has evolved to be simply about Jesus, my Gospel, my contemplations, my stronghold, my ideal, my muse, my hero, my truth, my virtue, my God. My mirror is a sight of life seen through my lens. It's inspired by the varying mix of life's flavour and texture, where each exploration came and left me cultivated a bit more. I write what I've learnt, and I learn what I've written. 

Minuet of life is an expression of a journey, step by step of going somewhere in a dance of life that never ends. So with these mirrors, I hopefully can convey my reflections on exploring life with God as the chief navigator. If you're not a Christian I think you'll find this section to be very boring and radical. In that case, just skip it. But if you're still interested in finding out more, please share me your thoughts, and I sincerely hope you can have a clear glance of just how great life is to have God in it :)

Unashamed to profess my love for this beloved country, Indonesia. 250 mil population (and growing), 1.919 mil km2, 141 mil middle class by 2020, stable GDP growth of 5-6% these past 5 years, strong domestic consumption, a lot of natural resources and labor potential, and etc. Why invest in Indonesia? For plenty of great reasons.

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There you'll see a glimpse of my true personality - with a closer, more intimate day to day thoughts about life. Really hope you can always take something positive out of this blog. Sincerely wish my writings can inspire you about God and life :)

Angelicia Ang