April 28, 2016

Thank God for God

It has been 1 year 4 months I am into marriage life. We purposelu make it a habit to celebrate our month-versary since we dated, to remind ourselves that each month counts. Now that I look back, our we are so much better at being married in our 16th month compared to our 4th month. Maybe I can't really tell the difference between 16th month and 15th or 14th month, but over a longer period of time, the way we relate to each other is definitely improving.

Which is our expected result.

I've read countless relationship/marriage building articles and tried to absorb as much as I could before and after entering this holy union. But no kidding, theoretical knowledge can only bring you as far, while the practical experience being in the marriage is a whole new challenge on its own.

Not to downplay the challenge. Rough or not, the journey is incredibly rewarding. Emphasis on rewarding.

It is about having faith in your significant other, that he/she is out for your best interest. It isn't easy matter to completely trust a person 100% all out. That's where the challenge lies. Without 100% trust, frictions that come on daily basis can be aggravated by minor household disagreement. Add to that the combination of personal insecurities, different cultural upbringing, different family habit, etc.

It's also about having hope that things will always be better tomorrow. Or next month, or in the next few years. Life just works that way. Positive thinking does't only help you "feel" better, but it shapes your behavior, and thus, your future. Being hopelessly positive is not equal to being stupid, it is actually a great indicator of strength.

Lastly, most important point, it is about love. It takes a great deal amount of love to treat people nicely, day in day out, good mood bad mood, shiny days stormy nights, etc. It takes love to understand love. It take love to experience love given by others. It requires a heart full of love fo even understand the essence of love itself.

It is true that as humans it is impossible to give unconditional love, but with God in the equation, it is possible. You know why? Because God completely heal the cracks after conflicts. 100% scar free. It is God who is able to restore human's heart back to 100% brand new. He's the creator, afterall.

Who is like God of all the earth?

Who is the author of wisdom?

Who is the author of love?

I thank God there is God.