February 19, 2015

Mulberry Spring 2015 Bags: Delphie with Pastel, Snake Pattern CalfLeather

Can't believe it's been 3 year since God open my eyes to the fashion world. I'm in Singapore now, where Asian-meet-west fashion can't be accentuated enough and some group cliches can feel the sense of really belonging here. 

My first post about Mulberry:

Mulberry's style is more laidback and unstructured casual chic, unlike Proenza being posh on suede. It's very delightful to see fashionable highschoolers strolling the streets on Mulberry, or Hermes satchels. Uber stylish. 
Here are the latest coolest shades that make the brand amazing as it is. Winter spring, summer or fall, you'll get the perfect colour to suit your mood for the day. The Delphie bags, however, come in a more structured shape with silver chain and hardware. 

Very light fnear to matte finish. Made of calf leather embossed with snake skin print. The scales are individually handcut to give the impression of real snake skin lift when touched by hands. 

Or do you fancy the classic collection still? Whichever one, it's chic. 


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