February 27, 2015

London Fashion Week 2015: Fashion East's Ryan Lo Autumn/Winter 2015 Ready To Wear 2015

Graduated from Fashion East, Ryan Lo is one of the ex-student who successfully launched his career in the metropole city of fashion, London. Other graduates are the likes of Jonathan Saunders, Gareth Pugh, and Meadham Kirchhoff. His collection in 2015 most celebrated fashion week in UK has brought more spotlight to the emerging talent.

In one of his interview, he was asked about the biggest challenge he faced as an emerging designer. On that, he answered, “The financial and business side for sure, because it's not just about creating clothes. I think most young designers have a similar problem. Traditionally, we come from Art schools so we tend to be clueless about cash flow, costing, sales, and production... You can't learn these things, if not from first-hand experience. Even with Fashion East, BFC and CFE's mentoring, it's still really hard.”

On another occasion, the question was: What would you never put on your customer?

Answer: Women in Flip Flops! NEVER!

In bold and bigger font since now that I live in Singapore, this stand-against-flipflop thing is something quite controversial here. Many women use flipflop on a daily basis, out of the house, in the MRTs, in the bus, in the malls, in the parks, basically flipflops make a good business. 

His design style is very unique, firmly rejecting the unstoppably popular ‘clean’ design trend. Feminine and playful, the sheer through lace with fur sets prettily doll up the barbie-like models. Each piece looks very youthful and fabulous. If the Spring collection came with frills and rainbow-flavored looks, the Autumn Winter pieces are darker hues on his personal taste.

Check out Ryan Lo's Facebook Page here: Ryan Lo Studio

Source: London Fashion Week, Now Fashion, The Metropolist


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