February 28, 2015

Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 Designer List

One of the biggest fashion movement in Indonesia, the Indonesia Fashion Week 2015, got going with 2,522 outfits from 747 top brands, 230 designers, in 32 fashion shows. In this fashion week visitors can also participate in fashion seminars, talk shows, workshops, and the most exciting part: design competitions.

IFW was initiated by the Association of Indonesian Fashion Entrepreneur and Designer (APPMI) in 2012, aimed to turn Indonesia to be one of the world’s prominent fashion city by the year 2025. The event intends to encourage Indonesians to elevate locally-produced designer labels and take pride in Indonesian fashion, while promoting it internationally.

The central theme this year 2015 IFW 4th edition : The Biggest Fashion Movement
Highlighting local flair in unique local identity, featuring Go Green fashion and muslim/hijab trend.

Some of the names: Ivan Gunawan, Itang Yunasz, Lenny Agustin, Albert Yanuar, Anne Avantie, Peggy Hartanto, etc. Waiting for the pictures...

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