November 18, 2013

My Miracle Potion

When I was a kid, a long 14 years ago back then, I remember how often I played the likes of Sega, Gameboy, Nintendo, Gamecube, PS1, and even the mini Tetris handheld. Out of my two siblings, it's me and the youngest who are actually the nerdiest.

I recalled us staying up till the middle of the night during holidays to play Legend of Mana together, browsing through (yes the site is still existent!!) finding cheats and tricks, or together reading the ultimate Harvest Moon walkthrough for gameshark codes. I also actually got reminded of how often our mom got mad at us for playing too much games during times we're supposed to spend for school's stuffs, specially when it comes to online games. Talk about Neopets, Ragnarok, Seal, Diablo, etc.

I was so bad at playing RPG because I'm always a sucker for cute inventory items. When I played, I often collect and save potion bottles or equipments like angel wings etc just for the sake of their cuteness in my backpack (>___<")

Sometimes I think God is like the Miracle Potion with an All-Cure Restoration attribute. One of the thing that draws me in full intensity to Him is His capability to restore. I picture life of a true Christian as a life flooded by the vocabulary of promises, hope, transformation, change, purpose, joy, peace, righteousness, strength, vigor, passion, power, and dreams. It's like going on a hunt with full HP and MP, all armoured and equipped to serve the Greatest Mission and fight evil along the way.

We are God's soldiers on earth to carry His mission here - full restoration of the world. When we are redeemed by Jesus' blood on the cross, we are fully capable to save lives around us. God always equips the people He calls for the mission, so it's just a matter of training and practice to strengthen our spiritual muscles and intuition. As long as we're willing, we'll be stronger and more prepared for the battle against the princes of the world.

Along our journey, there'll be sticks and stones that may bring us down. Challenges will grow as we enter the next stage of life. We'll be faced with stronger enemies, more demanding magic skill to learn, and it's likely we'll be dead in one of the battles and go back to our last save point (give thanks for checkpoint). What I've learnt from these games is, it's always a good idea to stash up on Miracle Potions.

Low health point? Restore.
Low mental point? Restore.
Fatigued? Restore.
Poisoned? Restore
Frozen? Restore.
Paralysed? Restore.
Burnt? Restore.
Jinxed? Restore.
Petrified? Restore.
Confused? Restore.
Going crazy? Restore.
Feeling dead in the battle? Can also be restored.

It's nice to always have Miracle Potions ready to prepare us for unforeseeable danger we may encounter in our future battles. Other than that, God also promises those who follow Jesus a life of abundance. God is capable of restoring everything that we're lacking in life. He's the way, the truth, and the life. In Him we can find real life, real joy, real peace. We humans are created in His likeness, beautiful and glorious, that we are not supposed to be so easily satisfied by a seemingly "good" life.

Feeling down and tired? Restore.
Lonely? Restore.
Empty? Restore.
Problem in being emotionally intimate with people? Restore.
Feeling not strong enough for your current responsibility? Restore.
Losing your grip and sense of direction in life? Restore.
Purposeless and meaningless life? Restore.
Traumatic past experience? Restore.

Broken family relationship? Restore.
Drug/alcohol/sex/gambling addiction? Restore.
Anxious and depressed? Restore.
Sick of living life and want to float away? Restore.

Unloved? Restore. Restore. Restore. Restore. RESTORE.

God is the God of Restoration. He is capable of our full restoration because He is our Creator who knows just what we are made of. Where we're lacking, He'll fill. What we've lost, He'll return. What we long for, He'll satisfy. What's been stolen from us, He'll repay in multiples. So don't aim for a mediocre life and trap yourself in the rat race of achieving the seemingly "good" life. Look up to God and ask Him to give us a full restoration of our body, mind, and soul.

Do not be satisfy easily with a "good" life. Aim for a complete restoration and bless others around us with the change within us that becomes so apparent to the world. God is as real as His miracles are. Ask people who've tasted God's restoration if you're curious to know more.

I'm stashing up my Miracle Potions daily through reading the Bible and praying about things. What about you? :)

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;
I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."
- John 10:10

November 6, 2013

Darkness Can Not Overcome

I'm not so sure how to put my thoughts into words, but let me begin the post by this question:

Have you experienced darkness in your life?

It is that terrible, awful emotion that continually haunts your every single step in life. It is that something you know you have, despite of what people assume you currently have. It's that feeling of being numb, purposeless, low, zero excitement for anything, dreading another day to come.

It's something you have when you're walking and fanning off your best smile to the world but inside it's empty. It's when you wake up in the morning not wanting to get off the bed cause you know nothing good will come out of it. At night, you curl up inside your blanket feeling restless not knowing what to do next. On some good days you're numb, and some other days you're feeling emotions you don't want to feel.

Fearing the future, anxious about life, uncertain. You realise that things aren't as meaningful as you thought they would be. It's as if you're floating on this movie clip of "life", and the longer your walk there is, the emptier things feel. Well, sometimes the choice really comes down to whether you want to feel empty versus anxious.

I'm not too sure how to describe the feeling of darkness is, but I think I was there for a while. It goes back then to 2007 my first coming to Sydney till 2010. My brief encounter to darkness lasted for about 4 years, and I think that was a gradual process in which darkness grew as I seek more of life and myself. And thus I come to believe that darkness have seeds. As I walk longer in the darkness, I let the seeds grow and take deeper roots in my soul until finally I can't cope with the ever-growing tree of darkness, desperate to seek help from a Higher Being.

I call it a brief encounter as I know (from reading people's stories) there are plenty others who experience darkness for their whole life. Some people recover after decades, some barely live with prescription pills, and for some unfortunate ones, there's only one proven method to end the ever-growing darkness inside their soul. Suicide.

Or shall I call them fortunate instead?

I don't know. What I know is, I'm very very very lucky to be able to encounter the nemesis of darkness, ie. the light itself. My first encounter with God was actually during one of the super famous Hillsong Conference in 2010. That was my first taste of having light. I was enlightened (how the New Age people call it). That time I turned from a totally annoying selfish immature miss know it all lazy skeptical brat into a super happy girl overflowing with joy I know I've never experienced before. God truly got His own ways of doing things.

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it"
- John 1:5

Now, I am a very much alive and less annoying selfish immature miss know it all lazy critical Christian. Still the same person with same immaturity but lacking the darkness I used to carry before. Good food and pretty stuffs make me happy, social gathering excites me, but I know the darkness I previously had and I'm thankful to God for not letting me forget about that gloomy thing. I was there once, and now that I've gotten my light, I'll never ever go back there for the second time. Never twice.

Darkness and spiritual death is a serious matter. What good comes from living in the darkness? Walking with God has taught me many things that truly matter in life. I was dead in my sin till I meet Jesus. God is my Saviour, my true Light. Without Him I'm totally clueless what kind of life I'll live now. I'm very fortunate indeed to have Him found me and pulled me from that bottomless pit of darkness. No matter what life will bring, I'll never ever trade this Light for any other senseless things of the world. I know what I'm tightly holding on to. If I have to leave my God, I'd probably choose death. Come what may!!!!!!

(Yes, I was born an extremist)

"He redeemed my soul from going down to the pit, and I will live to enjoy the light."
- Job 33:28