June 22, 2013

Passion vs Survival

"Work our strengths not our weaknesses"

I used to think that it is really wonderful to be able to work in the area of our strength, and ultimately in the field of our passion. It's a nice feeling to wake up day after day being excited for work and anticipating what the day gonna bring.

But then again, although this works for some people in the world, the majority will still have to work for the sake of living. Not to live a more comfortable life, not to buy that new gadget or new dress, not to afford that new car, but literally, to live.

Whatever you see in Jakarta, is not really whatever there is to Indonesia. The country is so much more than the high-rise skyscrapers reaching up to the cloud and traffic all over the streets. It's so much more than just being a metropolitan city with active social gatherings and thumping beats on the weekends. Jakarta is the hub. The biggest spotlight-ed city in the whole Indonesia because of its rhythm as a central of whatever things happening here.

Jakarta, being the capital of Indonesia, is a city of hope.

It's the place where many people living below the poverty line go to with the hope of gaining a better life. It's the big city where people find hope that there's something more than their current life in the villages. Jakarta is the link connecting the dots of life aspirations and the rural countrysides.

Some people that I talked to used to farm, grow vegetables, nurture their own cattles (which is still considered a luxury for some households) and got themselves a variety of meals by trading food staples. One guy even went as far as poisoning his own cattle just so that the parent will be willing to let him go to the city. Another person, a waiter at an ailing restaurant, joined the secondary job market of the "three-in-one policy"and stand on the roadside day after day to earn more doughs for his family.

People do crazy things to survive. Many go to Jakarta and step into the path of prostitution or semi-prostitution, drug dealing, etc. Some become house helpers (maids), security guards, street beggars, parking attendants, drivers, basically all the jobs that the higher SES consider to be low.

Some say Jakarta is an adventure. Some say it's a nightmare. The city makes or breaks people. Rich or poor, there's one thing in common: We all strive to live the kind of life that we want. Be it through A or through Z, we simply fight for our survival. And work is the means to achieve that glorious life we've always dreamt about.

Now, the weirdest thing is, God tells us to go out of ourselves and breaks the comfort barrier. When we believe in Him, it's no longer us. Work is no longer for our dreams or survival. Our work is now dedicated solely for God.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, 
as working for the Lord, not for human masters.
(Colossians 3:23)

In his defense Jesus said to them,
"My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working."
(John 5:17)

God loves to see our work, cause He's always been at work too. And for this simple reason, we work, because we want to please Him. Doesn't matter, really, what kind of work that we do, as long as we know that it's a form of our worship to God.

No two persons are created equal. Likewise, no two lives have the same journey. Some people struggle to find work befitting their description of passion, while there are some others who gobble at any work they can do just to earn tomorrow's bread. I think I'm lucky enough to have the luxury of choice. Some don't even have the air to.

Thus, this phrase at the beginning of the article "Work our strengths not our weaknesses" certainly becomes much irrelevant for some lives. Maybe, life passion isn't there for everyone's consumption. And that's okay, cause I believe God speaks differently to people. I'm an acute believe of passion nonetheless, and here still stands to find my strength/passion.

Have you find yours?