February 26, 2013

Sky's The Limit

Scientific discoveries keep on surprising our race since the old times. When weird diseases spring up, miraculous cures combat them. When terrible disaster destroy lives, countless incredible humanitarian acts rush in. Hunger and poverty-ridden slum areas produce extraordinary business leaders and enterpreneurs. Physical disability may cripple families but it doesn't cripple their hearts. I've seen many Youtube clips on amazing number of people who're born with severe disabilities and have no other choice than to accept the condition.

What do they do? They rise up. Yes, they were depressed, suicidal and were so deep in the pit that they didn't see any other motivation to keep on living life. But they went through all that and found the greatest meaning in life. They rise up, they live as a blessing for others, as a witness for God's amazing transformation of their heart, as a rock when the weaker others desperately need encouragement. They shine..

"For all things work together for good to them who love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28)

People rise up in the most dire and difficult life circumstances. People always do.

When bad things happen, there's always the great stuffs that come to fill in the blank. We may not be able to choose where, or how, or what kind of living condition we're born with. But just have faith that when there's a super weird problem come upon you and crush your spirit... be excited. That means some amazing things are going to happen real soon. "When God gives you the why, God gives you the how."

We are human. Being resilient is in our natural genetic composition. You may be at your lowest point for some period of time, but you'll bounce back and look toward an even higher life points. You'll rise up and you'll run toward a bigger destination. You'll be transformed by God, you'll have the fire to pursue things greater than your failure, and you'll bless many others among the journey. You'll be the live, walking testimony of God's amazing power that heals and shapes you to be who you are right now. You'll shine, and God's name will be proclaimed all over the earth :)

When you're squeezed, stressed, pressured, etc. You'll rise up. It's just natural. Believe in yourself.

My submission to the church's IGNITE13 Photo Competition: I'm in God's Movement. Hosted by The Cause church.

There's no limit, really, to the highest height of the sky, or the deepest depth of the ocean. Our God is supernatural. He is the creator of the universe and mankind. He can do things wilder than your wildest dreams. With Him, everything is possible.

Dear friends, the next time you're down, just look at the sky and see God. He's always somewhere in the corner of your heart anyway. You have a limitless life journey and unlimited potential, if only you're willing to seek the greatest power of all.

God is your only limit to life.

"For nothing is impossible with God" (Luke 1:37)