February 7, 2013

Let It Roll - An Anthem

The wheel's turning, the step's pacing up.
There's no time to swell, just some nights to lull.
Will you greet the dawn; or will you flaunt a yawn?
The time's ripe, the hour's set,
For a kick and for a jump.
So let's get it rollin, babe.

Let it roll and take a stroll.
Look ahead and pace it up.
Steady your feet and poise a stance.
Catch the sparkles, see it twinkles.
Feel the heat, seize the beat.
Breathe. Take a deep breath.
And let it roll.

Get it rollin and dance a balling
The street is calling
Don the rhythm and blow this anthem
Feel the breeze and taste the vibes
Grab those swift steps, ain't need no preps
Be overwhelmed. Be amazed.
Be thrilled. Be amused.
Your body's in awe.
 So let it roll.

Photograph of Ruth Junita. Follow her twitter @LeRuthless

Images from Ruth Junita