November 23, 2012

Ignite Conference 2012, and A Father's Prayer..

Last Thursday 15 November my beloved church held a half-day long conference in Jakarta. It's called Ignite Conference 2012: God of Destiny. It was such a happy day for me.. being able to participate in the ushering team and pay contribution to the event. I was in the Ignite committee earlier this year but somewhat somehow my immaturity, new circle of friends, new job and piling workload cause me to bail out of the team :(

Lucky I can still get on with it on Ignite D-1. Thanks Lord.

The format is a typical conference's format, only that this time we have a half-day conference as a tester for our May 2013 Ignite. First, there's an afternoon rally. Then people can choose to attend either the Business Impact session or Spiritual Impact session, followed by a seriously on fire night rally.

Ignite 12 brochure in the cool two-toned black-yellow contrast. Eyecatching right?

Very unfortunate for me and ushers that we couldn't join the session because we were busy... well, ushering. It's a lot of fun though, knowing that we can serve the Lord through any means possible even if it's only by being freelance usher :D

To me, the most inspiring story doesn't come from the conference (although I was ignited like hell there). It's actually this story of a Christian father who raises up his children in strong, Godly values that he actually cried seeing his son speaking up on his belief. It's such a wonder, to me, to have Christian parents that can literally pray for you everyday and surrender your life to God even from the second you were born. Read it below.

Very inspiring story. Thank you to all the dads out there. You never knew how much you've done for your child's story of life.. May God bless you with an ever increasing wisdom and discernment to know what are the best things in life. Amen.

The Ignite team yayyy~~!!

The ladies-line up in usher and registration team

Originally cited from Paulus Bambang WS Blog - Ketika Air Mata Menetes

When The Tears of Pride Drops
By Paulus Bambang

I'm scheduled to give a seminar on 'Circle of Influence' at Ignite Conference 2012, Balai Kartini, 2.30 pm. The initial plan was to come at around 2 pm after a lunch with my wife and the youngest who want to accompany me "onstage" in this event attended by roughly 300 youths.

Found out that the eldest who's in the 'worship team' wants me to attend the event since the beginning to see his team 'performance'. I said yes to supporting him from the ground below. At least, the dad, mom, and brother can 'support' him although it's only as far as handclaps under the stage.

When the firstborn, call him Daniel, appeared and started to lead the worship with an Australian-Hillsong-youth style (my son and his friends are mostly Australian graduates), I was swept away. I joined the cheers, I danced and sang although the song is pretty new to me. I forgot my age and this pair of legs that were not as strong as they used to be in the past days.

In the middle of the worship session, my tears suddenly fell down, not just in drops but pouring down like a rain. I wiped my handkerchief several times during my son-led worship.

Why did I cry? How could my tear pour down like that?

When my boy appeared on the stage, led the praise and worship, it's no more the good voice or beautiful music or amazing show, not the performance but substance that moved my heart. It's the presence of the Lord that I strongly felt.

At that moment, I'm really proud and grateful to God. Then I prayed and said my thanks.. not for his achievement to graduate from university with a decent job nor his brilliant business ideas, but I gave my gratitude to God because he wants to serve God with all his heart in his youth.

Money, career, business, network and all the splendor of earthly attributes are not the core of my prayer for my children. My prayer since he was still in his mother's womb, even before I knew my wife, is so that my child will be a virtuous man, serving the All-Righteous God and staying away from the influence of consumptive and spendthrift generation.

Through those tears, I uttered this heartfelt prayer, "Use them according to Your will, Father. You know what's best for my children." Without realizing it I've already handed Him this right.. A prayer not to wish my beloved kids to be rich, successful in career and promoted but a prayer to have God used them for the glory of His Kingdom.

After the prayer was spoken, I became calm. I smiled at peace, because I've unintentionally repeated the prayer of my parents for me - not for material prosperity but spiritual riches - although my family economic situation was downhill at that time.

I waited upon His promises now. Together with my family serving God.

Ignite Conference 12 - The Movement is Here!

Very inspiring story right? I was moved to tears as well reading his blog. Just imagining my dad saying all those things to me ---> can be like Noah flood in the present age.

So are you in the movement? Cause I am, and we at The Cause are, and so is every Jesus fan in the world! Join our Ignite 13 Conference and be part of the movement! ]:)

Sourced from Paulus Bambang WS Blog, The Cause Indonesia facebook, The Cause Jakarta web