October 24, 2012

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013 Runway: Squares, Checkers, Grids

Escalators! The Louis Vuitton girls were coming out of mirrored wall and walking down the escalator to a square-patterned floor, one pair at a time. Marc Jacobs said that he is hugely inspired by the work of Daniel Buren to produce this runway. It's very graphic, very bright, and very cheerful (my fave is the yellow-whites).

No monogram at all. Only squares and squares and squares in various sizes.

Alert on the super slim pointy shoes with kitten heels. Also alert on the Sixties sleek hairdo. The tiny scarf wrapped on the head is so cute.

Uber cute mini speedy!! Comes in various colours to match the attire.

The checkered clutch.

The point-toed kitten heels in various contrasts.

The hairdo.

Super sleek white monochrome with matching white ribbon on the head.

Sourced from Vogue UK