August 12, 2012

The Coming Ramadan Holiday and The Book of Hope

Holiday! Thanks God for giving me a chance to enjoy this holiday.. Been blessed so much with great job, great family, great friends - life is good! There's always gonna be something to be grateful about in life, no matter how sad our circumstances are. So be tough and stay strong people! As the Ice Age says.. there's always a rainbow waiting in every corner. So true.

So the news is, I'll be away from blog this holiday, because the first and the most important thing that excites me a lot about this holiday is the fact that I'm gonna have a whole week (or so) to spend intimate moments with my God.. Definitely missing my free time in Jakarta when I can just stay all day long in my room reading bible and dwell in His words.

Lately I've felt as if I'm losing my priorities and thus, making my intimate relationship with God the second (or third) thing. Then I started to skip my daily reading because the topic now is on the book of Lamentations, which is kind of.... sad. They just have very tragic poems in the first few chapters.. and according to my personality which loves to stay near to happy things and move away from sad stuffs, I lost my interest quickly.

But it's going to the chapter of HOPE - the most incredible thing about God and JC and the bible. I have hope in God, and I'm really grateful for that. So yeah, the book's name is Lamentations, but the actual content involves how awful God's wrath is and how hopeful God's love is (chapter 3 is the turning point).

I guess many people been living lives day by day without hopes.. or wishes for the future. You know, people who've been disappointed so much in life, they begin to lose the ability to dream.. little by little life pressures and challenges take all the hopes away and slap our face with the reality check.

But I'm gonna say, hey, in God, everybody got dreams. Dream like a kid and make those wishes come true. Give our desires to God and do our part the best way that we can. Do our best, God will take care the rest.

So let's stay hopeful! Be aliveeeeeeee in God and keep on pursuing our dreams. Jiayou!!

I'll be away for holiday kay! Enjoy Ramadan and happy birthday my beloved country Indonesia! I love you and I wish my dearest country all the best in every single aspect of I love you Indonesia!

Gbu and enjoy your holiday!