August 1, 2012

Rainbow Collection Part II: The Colourful Tops



Here it goesss.. The playful Rainbow Collection Part II for the tops.

They are made from chiffon material which is very lightweight and give a pleasant feeling on the skin (I love lightweight fabric). I think it's really important to consider clothing material's breathability into account when we live in Jakarta. It's quite humid and hot here. But the great news is, it's as if I can enjoy a whole year of summer and sunshine in this beautiful town and that is awesome!

The tops aren't too sheer so they're perfect for both a chic casual look and informal office wear (can just put blazer on top of these cuties). What I like the most is the colour assortment. As you know, I love colour blocking a lot. It may be the last season's trend since we're approaching the winter season now, but oh well, my country is full on summer. Yeahhh..

An even greater news than my summery days here is that these tops are so cheap!! Somehow I can get it so cheap only $10 something for each piece. The stitching quality is so good tho. It's so easy to find cheap clothes in Asia.. Byebye Sydney..

See another example of my colour-blocking here.


Electric blue

Garden green

Shocking pink

Tops RainboCollection
Tops Rainbow Collection

Tops Rainbow Collection
Material: Lightweight chiffon, semi-sheer
Length 52 cm. Bust 78-92 cm

Price is Rp 115,000 or approximately USD 12.23 each (so cheap!!)

All thanks to greatest mom and boyfriend who are very supportive to me. I was very shy.

So do you love colour-blocking? :D

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