August 7, 2012

Friendship and Me .. A Beautiful Poem

Found this beautiful poem while browsing through my younger sist's friend (yeah I do stalk on my sisters' facebook). I want all my friends out there to see this poem and understand how much I love them. Friendship is beautiful.. It gives meaning to my otherwise flat life. You paint my life with so much brighter colours and your presence is simply amazing.

I love you.. :)

Friendship and Me – Arya Pugala Kitti

If you need to laugh, you can come
I can tell you jokes and funny things
But you can read funny articles as well
It's less tiring and probably much more exciting

If you need advices, you can come
I can tell you what I've learned through my life
But you can think by yourself, or perhaps search for quotes
It's less tiring and probably much more effective

If you need to cry, you can come
I can wait for you and i can hug you
But you can listen to sad songs too
It's less tiring and probably less embarrassing

If you need to practice, you can come
I can tell you what's wrong and we can play together
But you can find a good teacher and pay for some lessons
It's less tiring and probably more reliable

If you need to do anything, you can come
We can do it together, of course
But you can always do it alone, or pay someone to help you out
It's less tiring and much easier

If your friendship is based on function, then it is not a friendship at all
You can always substitute your friends with another regular people

Friendship is not about doing things only friends can do
It is about doing ordinary things with great feeling
It is about doing nonsense things for your friends' sake

This is what I call friendship
Teaching someone violin although he's rich and can pay good teacher
Going out to movies though i hate movies
Going home late at night after dinner though she didn't eat at all
Seeing the doctor together
Going to the airport just to say goodbye, which takes only 10 minutes, with 7 hours of travel
Buying your friend a dinner while she's sick, although you're in short of money
Getting scolded by family because making friends with weird people

Rather than
Going out with friends to watch movies
Eating in a restaurant with friends
Meeting a friend while waiting for something

Friendship is
Watching movies so that you can meet your friends
Going to a restaurant so that you can chat with your friends
Making times to meet with your friends

Friendship is like a covalent bonding
The more symmetrical it is, the better

That's what I call friendship, what my best friends have taught me
Any kind of version is possible, so don't worry if it's different from yours

Poem courtesy of Arya Pugala Kitti
Images from various sources