July 29, 2012


God creates each one of us human with our unique strengths and weaknesses. There are people He blesses to be teachers and there are those He plants to be evangelists. In the real world setting, it would be: there are those meant to be top executives, there are those meant to be singers.

Personality differs for everybody. But character is universal. Commitment, integrity, selflessness, humility, patience, kindness, honesty, forgiving heart, courtesy - those are recognized anywhere on earth.

Do you know? Those things are written in the Bible as fruits of the Spirit. Paul said that Christians are qualified to be true Christians when we produce these fruits, by a changing of character. We "transform" our old selves to become a much better one. That's only possible when we give our soul completely to Jesus and ask Him to give us the power to do so.

Galatians 5:22-23
But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things!

2 Corinthians 5:17
This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

If you believe in God, start believing in His wonderful creation that is comparable to nothing in the world - YOU. You are perfect in all your strengths and weaknesses. There's noone else in the world that can match your personality, your background, your profession, your experience, your passion, and your taste. You are the one and only one. You are handcrafted and tailored made to be the best you.

Colossians 3:23-24
Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.

1 Corinthians 9:24-25
Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it. Every athlete exercises self-control in all things. They do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable.

So quit gazing to your right or to your left. Look above. Look to God. Look for His grand plan in your life. Fill that pages of your life story and be the hero. Embrace the challenge and pursue excellence in everything that you do as if you’re doing it for God.

If there's anyone you should compare yourself to, it's you. You have to strive to be the best of what you can be. Whenever you feel there's something to be improved, improve. When you feel there's something you can do better, be better. When you feel you need to work harder, work more. Run the race and receive your heavenly prize later in the coming times.

Life is a never-ending step to be the best of you.



  1. Woooww! Awesome post. I'm really blessed. Thank's Angel. Keep writing and living your dream :)