July 11, 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Fall 2012: Cross-Dressing and Gender Bender Extravagance?

It's a runway of gender bender sensuality and extravagance, tipping a bit on the dark edge. The collection is supernatural. I feel such a strong sense of power in the sharp-lined, dark-toned pieces. Some pieces are so alluringly crafted to present a silhouette of cages on the body. Even more with the metal chokers and bodices worn by the models.

The robes are exceedingly lavish. They are very elaborate with a great deal of fur and detailed embroideries.

Caged legs on a knee-high strapped platform.

Gaultier's runway this time really playing on the line between male and female looks. Many of the women's looks have a masculine air and the top hat also adds to that. Oh by the way, I love top hat.

Karlie Kloss in amazing, amazing, amazing wear.

The gender bender ensemble.

Silhouette of gold cages on a black, tight-fitting bodysuit.

And this is the real cage. This looks like something Madonna/Rihanna gonna use in their concerts.

Finally, Andrej Pejic! The hot androgyny model we all love these days. He's actually a guy. So hot yeah?? He walked for both the male and female runways.

The white queen. Together with Gaultier at the end of the show.

Courtesy of Vogue, SMH, fashionologie

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