June 18, 2012

Shopa Shopa Shopaholic

God is good! When the going gets tough, He'll inject new energy to give me hope. Sometimes solution will miraculously appear. But when it doesn't, I know He's training me to grow me up.

I feel it a lot, really. Maybe you'll say it's only in my head and I'm just constructing imaginary things to suit how I want life to be. But His presence is real! There's thing amazing sensation of peace.. A soothing, comforting feeling that I experience whenever I'm drawing strength from Him. They call it God's presence in your heart.

I've never known how it feels like until I took a decision to step forward and grow up in Him. Now I know..

My heart used to yearn for something more. It was...always crying out, "More, more, more and more." But now it's a feeling of contentment and peace. It's not that I don't want things any longer. I still appreciate beautiful and exquisite things and most of the times they come with a pricetag. But the desire now turns into an entity that's higher than those materials... that won't last for 1,000 years.

Even higher than a Hermes Kelly :p

Okay, to be honest, I still don't know what I'll do about my love of bags. Still asking God for more wisdom and guidance.. Nobody's perfect right. One thing I know is I really sympathize with the shopaholics. I think media nowadays have really put a glamourized version of this occurences. TV, movies, ads, magazines, even girl friends will portray shopaholics as something cool. Celebrities also teach us something like "I have 1,000 pair of shoes and I'm cool".

Let's be real *cough* I do think Birkin/Kelly collector is really cool. They're filthy rich people and spending ten grand something for a piece of leather bag (an extremely exquisite one) is nothing for them. So what's the difference between a wealthy spender and a shopaholic? The spender CAN afford it. While shopaholic relies on their credit card. And it's not like utilising the loan repayment rate and period advantage. Shopaholic simply doesn't know how to manage their money.

I don't like the term shopaholic. What's so cool about forcing yourself to work harder only to spend it on a useless expense? Buying more shoes, more clothes, more bags, more accessories, those are purely expense. Very pointless. The wiser option is to earn more and invest those bucks on some assets. Then those assets will give more return to be invested some more in other assets. Then on and on. Better in the longterm.

Well, just a thought. I don't really appreciate the term shopaholic and I won't encourage my close friends to be one. If I think they've already spent more than what they can cope with, I'll remind them about it nicely. Money management is something we all need to learn. Male or female. Same same la..

Wishing for more time to blog and read my beloved books. I got a lot of Maxwells, Kiyosakis, and some other relationship building books. Also the Ephesians..

Angelicia Ang