June 28, 2012

Prada Fall 2012 Campaign: The Futuristic Multidimensional Couch

The press release.

“A virtual labyrinth of fantasy and reality is the set for Prada’s autumn/winter campaign, photographed by Steven Meisel. Shifting camera angles and an endless depth of field create a playful illusion of perspective and proportion, recalling the setting for a videogame. Occupying the space on multiple levels characters in the foreground appear magnified, while others recede into the distance like virtual princesses poised for combat. The models’ unified gaze creates a seductive focus. Blocks of coordinated colour created by clothing, dip-dyed hair and furniture produce a chromatic architecture for our fashion avatars. The effect of the campaign is a new take on beauty and a futuristic vision of fantasy and desire.”

The layman.

Matchstick-thinned models, super long silky smooth blonde semi-dyed hair, a cool futuristic couch, and fabulous sleek doctor bags. The ads got a very interesting colour combination, with plenty shades of purple on the decor and outfits. And note that fabulous exotic purple doctor bag and east-west tote.

The off thing for me is Too heavy and too bulky for my taste. But I've never been a fan of Miuccia's shoes collection anyway and there's nothing personal to it. Just a taste preference.

Clothes are incredible - seductively unusual and very original. I specially love the patterned two-piece and every other things with buttoned up collar (which is nearly seen in every pictures). Love <3

Do you like the ads? Very futuristic yeah. I don't like models who are too thin (nearing the boundary of anorexics) so my first impression on this ad isn't too positive. I thought the fashion industry has started the no anorexic model campaign globally? Why are they still appearing in famous fashion houses? Hmmmm..

Sourced from dustyroses, fashiongonerogue, tomandlorenzo