June 23, 2012

J'Adore Spider Girl Emma Stone

A collection of Emma Stone looking pretty and fabulous in the red carpet. Brunette or blonde, both style suit her fair complexion and give different feel to her looks. Charming!

I'm never attracted to celebrities who try to sell her sexuality outside of her work responsibilities. Sometimes, a job will require us to do something we're not really comfortable with, we have to seek a balance between conforming and resisting to that task. There's a certain level of compromise we can take (which will strengthen our work commitment) and the degree is different for each person.

But if being a famous actress means selling your sexuality and let the world measures you through your seductiveness.. I don't find that amusing at all. Female sexuality is a pearl on its own. It's a strength, a treasure, a woman's unique identity that differentiates us from the male race.

Bombarding people with your sensual images to assure people how desirable you are is quite pointless, I think. True strength and confidence come from within. You can be as pretty and hot as Marilyn Monroe but if you're full of holes on the inside, it all comes to nothing. Why do you think anorexia and bulimia rate is always increasing year after year? And it's only in well-developed countries like States and Japan.

Well anyway, it's only my personal thoughts. This topic somehow reminds me of my friend's saying.

Strong people never try to appear strong.
Confident people never try to appear confident.
And wise people will never try to argue.

Emilio Pucci


Jason Wu; Giambattista Valli

Chanel Haute Couture; Lanvin

Bottega Veneta

Calvin Klein Collection; Balenciaga

Hearsay is Alber Elbaz got charmed by this stunning lady's persona and charisma. Maybe that's why there are so many Lanvin on her red carpet look? She looks stunning on these three red gowns. She's such a doll and her smile is as sweet as it can be..



Giambattista Valli Couture


Images from various sources