June 25, 2012

Fendi Peek-a-Boo Sold Out This Season?

So I've heard rumours that Fendi Peek-a-boo is going hot again this season. I certainly know that many people are smitten by this bag all over again.

This time, Fendi offers custom-making as a saucy extra for Peek-a-boo admirers and fans. We can tailor made the bag starting from the leather material, colour theme, hardware, exterior/interior lining, etc. It makes a very interesting option, specially to the perfectionistic bag lovers out there who I know will make such a big fuss over silver/palladium hardware (both are white, fyi).

I'd very much love to have a cream/milk outer colour with gold hardware and leopard printed suede inside. Just exactly like this one produced in year 2010. Beautiful isn't it? Very classy.

Reasons to love it? First, I love how we can peek a bit to see the insides. It's peek-a-boo. You're allowed to peek and appreciate the quality of the inside leather material as well as the outside. That way, the classy inside can add to the overall feel of the bag without being too much. Second, it's in cream colour hues which has always been my fave.

The video captures beautiful moments of this beauty in the making. Enjoy!

Sourced from Purseblog