June 24, 2012

Emma Stone in July 2012 Vogue Photoshoot

I reaaaally love her sweet smile and voice. And her complexion is soo fair and smooth and (again) so sweet..

This is the photoshoot's video describing her experience wearing two sides of fashion on consecutive days - the masculine and feminine aspects of a woman. One day it's blazer, ties, pencil pants and a hat. The next day it's lace, braids, slips.

The look is totally different but the spirit instilled by both aspects of clothing is still the same. This is a woman who realises her true power and strength. This speaks of one confident woman who embraces her masculinity as well as feminine qualities and finds a harmonious balance between those two contrasting character.

I think she looks really good in those Austin Power slash Willy Wonka style. Full on suave, mannish appearance. J'adore!

See the actual shots in July 2012 Vogue editorial here.