May 30, 2012

Singapore, Maxwell, and A Miracle ;)

So I went to City Harvest Church in Singapore last Sunday, together with all my great friends from Sydney church. At first, I only intended to visit my long lost girl friend Gaby's church. So I told her that I'm gonna be in Sing over the weekend, and I told her that I wanna go to her church. The cool thing is, Mr John Maxwell will be the guest speaker on that very Sunday! You can't imagine how excited I am to hear him talking in person!

You know, that incredible feeling where you finally gonna meet the person you adore so much. I love his writings sooo much. It's like I'll finally see this guy whom words I quoted so much in my facebook stats and tweets. Amazing!

Then I successfully maneuvred everyone (all 7 of us) to go there and listen to his sermon. What is it about? Let's sum them up and say it's about prescription for miracle (I have no idea what the sermon title is). This is the recipe.

When there's a need sets by a few, and each individual understands his responsibility and gives his all, regardless of the odds, then Jesus works a miracle.

Quite a long sentence yeah? But it makes a lot of sense. Basically, four important points:
1. There's a need
2. Few people recognise the need
3. We understand our responsibility
4. We give our all in doing what we have to do

Then, voila! Miracle from Jesus!

I got the sermon's dvd so let me know if you wanna see him in action. He's such a funny speaker!

Anyway, also talked with some friends about feedback on this Christian blog. They think the wording sometimes is a bit hard to be understood, and it takes them quite a while to digest my sentence. Soooo pardon me if you also feel that way. I'll try to write myself in a more relaxed-homey-friendly manner.

If you realise, this post is me trying hard to have a more expressive writing style *cough*

Haven't posted anything about fashion lately. Want to know why? Because of my new job!! It's sooo fun and exciting, and I've enjoyed every second of my working hours. Hihi. Thanking God so much for His blessing. This is why I haven't really got enough time to browse-browse on the beautiful fashion stuffs that I love. Because the few free hours that I have at home, spent to learn something else that I love the most - God and Jesus! Then I also go to gym almost once in every other day.. Then weekend is full for family time and church. . .

Okay I think I'm starting to make more and more excuses *cough*

Enjoy your weekdays people! I hope you can feel God's blessing flowing in your life as much as I do (or even more!!). There are just too many things to be happy about. God is gooddd..

And this is the cute zodiac pillow. Everyone of us took a shot with our zodiac. I brought this cute Louis Vuitton Trevi in GM. Damier ebene. Very resilient and tough for any situation. I'm not even afraid of waterdrops touching this baby. They will just glide down.

The instagrammed one.

Live, like you've never lived before.

Au revoir.