May 10, 2012

One Friday Night

Yes, one Friday night with great food and awesome companies. My friend owns a share of this Nest Grill restaurant and invited me (and some more friends) to join the 7-course dinner, with a new chef showcasing his expertise in Modern Australian cuisine. The name is Tom Eadie, from the famous Melbourne's Vue de Monde.

The restaurant's head chef is an extremely charming Indonesian dude Arnold Poernomo, and his profile can be found in the high-end Tatler magazine. That's something.

Okay I'm definitely not a foodie nor a wine connoisseur, but I still appreciate great food. I'll write about the dining experience and post some more pictures later. Been very busy this week and weekend is going to be hectic too.

Highlight of the day is I've learnt so much about IP (intellectual property) rights in Indonesia and the distinction between patent, copyright, trademark, industrial design, and trade secret. Also that Indonesia's IP protection and standard of procedure is still quite underdeveloped, and there's still so much room for improvement :)

I love Indonesia!