May 8, 2012

Minuet of Life, and A Serving(s) of Yoga For The Evenings

Hey life!

Sorry for not posting regular items at a regular schedule lately. Been extremely busy with adapting to my new job. It's been suchhh a great month-off of soul seeking and job hunting, and regardless of how much I'm loving my current job right now, I'll still miss those carefree days filled with hours and hours of gospel digging and self-reflection sessions.

Anyway, I took this shot during one of the church's dinner gathering where CEO of PT Summarecon Agung Ltd came as the guest speaker. Wearing a simple, basic Zara dress in lovely orange shade.

If you realise it, I got to categorise the blog posts too during that time. I classify them into four category overall.

Mirrors - This is about Jesus, my Gospel, my contemplations, my stronghold, my ideal, my muse, my hero, my truth, my virtue, my God. My mirrors is a sight of life seen through my lens. It's inspired by the varying mix of life's flavour and texture, where each exploration came and left me cultivated a bit more. I write what I've learnt, and I learn what I've written. 

Minuet of life is an expression of a journey, step by step of going somewhere in a dance of life that never ends. So with these mirrors, I hopefully can convey my reflections on exploring life with God as the chief navigator. If you're not a Christian I think you'll find this section to be very boring and radical. In that case, just skip it. But if you're still interested in finding out more, please share me your thoughts, and I sincerely hope you can have a clear glance of just how great life is to have God in it :)

Vogue - As the name implies, this is for fashion-related posts. I love to write about things that I appreciate, things that I admire, you know.. beautiful things that squeeze your heart whenever you have a chance to see them.

Mural - Mostly consists of my.. *cough* ..self-pics. This is just for randomness sake, although I share life experiences here too. You can say it's a public, digital diary.

Voices - This is the most mixed category. Posted here are favourite songs, jokes, cute pics, random poetic words and sayings, and beautiful images that inspire me.

About Me - Well, what else? About me. Still empty since I haven't got any inspiration or willpower to jot down a self description yet. Same old excuse, busy with work and gym and church and family. Maybe a while later..

Even today I just went to a two-hour yoga class, and I'm exhausted. Having said that, I still find it really exciting The instructor totally pushed my limit with all the stretches and spinal twists. All the more with my "flexibility" level. Thank you, teacher. Time to rest.