May 9, 2012

Hj-story: Bad Dreams

Once in a blue moon, I was in the office doing some random things (was pretty free at that time) and a friend bb me a link to a website. If you're not an Indonesian, here's some light to what bb means: It's the slank term for instant-messaging someone through Blackberry phones. Everyone in Indo uses Blackberry. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating it a bit, but still, even if it's not everyone I can still definitely declare that almost everyone in Indo uses Blackberry. Say, around 99% of us? That's the norm.

So anyway, I was suspicious at the link my friend gave me. I was initially afraid it'll be some random link for virus (yes, friends can sometimes be mean) or some scary, horror pop-up picture that everyone always encounters once or twice in a lifetime. So I ignored the link until he bugged me few more times to check it out.

And what did I find? This unbelievably cute art! Check the site here and read the author's description. Read his original inspiration for all his drawings and read the captions. He's such a sweet guy.

The caption put for this picture is

          Bad dreams…
          My girlfriend sometimes have a bad dream and wake up
          grumpy… O_O I think it’s kinda cute actually~

Lol! Pretty sure they're an acutely lovely couple in real life.

I love hj!

Image courtesy of hj-story