May 5, 2012

Harper's Bazaar May 2012 Edition: Penelope Cruz and Exotics

The gorgeous Penelope Cruz, yes. She spices up the cover of this May's Harper's Bazaar.

Exotic skins - and more faux exotic skins - are the easy, non-fuss upcoming waves in celebrities and upscale fashion sphere. Penelope is wearing the croc-embroidered gown and croc sandals by Givenchy for the cover shot. Other shots in the magazine also features her carrying the Reed Krakoff croc luggage piece and Ferragamo's emerald croc beauty case.

So why spend more than ten grands for a piece of these delicacies?

Take it this way, if you understand skins and know what you're buying, you don't have to show it off. If you have a brown, beaten-up piece of luggage that happens to be croc, an innocent bystander wouldn't know it, but you would, and your friends might. That's the power of exotic pieces: Wealth discretion. And it's becoming an insider look, which, of course, make it all the more desirable.

Most will be drawn to the exotic leathers, real or embossed, because of the "discreet luxury" look they give to everyday item. The real exotics, however, have a very long lifespan till you feel as if you'll have them forever in the closet. They're quality investment pieces that last for a lifetime, provided you keep it under appropriate care and use. Pass them on to your children, nieces, and nephews, and be the popular mom-auntie!

Undeniably gorgeous.

Images courtesy of celebitchy, huffington post, popsugar