May 1, 2012

Church-Shopping: Are You Sailing Along The Cruise Ship or Battleship?

So freaking true. I was always thinking about church's service, friendliness of the usher team, the praise & worship team quality, etc etc. Someone slap me!

Is the ship on a clear and noble mission?
Does the captain submit to a higher authority?
Are crew members equipped to succeed?
Are they able to contribute in significant ways?
Are they honored for their efforts?

Those questions are exactly what I should focus my mind on. Church isn't about service, having fun, gathering with people and being a part of a community. It's much, much more than that. It's about contributing to a higher purpose, expanding the Kingdom of God. Church is to make the name of Jesus Christ be known in the world and to make disciples of the whole earth.

Awesome reminder, Igniter Media. Thanks.

Video courtesy of Igniter Media