April 2, 2012

Victoria Beckham for Harper Bazaar UK May 2012: So Posh!

This is the sneak preview of Vicky posing in Bazaar UK for the May 2012 edition. The magazine will be released today, though, so get one and embrace her amazing body in the shots.

Her figure is amazing, as in amazing. This is how she looks 8-month after giving birth to a daughter. Posh, Miranda Kerr, and other distinguished fashion figures are really hard to comprehend. Just what kind of diet and exercise regime they have?? No post-natal depression? Any kind of psychological pressure?

She's __ years old now. Fill in the blank yourself and google it. A designer, a mother of four, a business woman, and a fashion icon. FOUR children and a full-time employment, omg. How?? Definitely a superwoman.

Bazaar was the first British publication to acknowledge her metamorphosis from pop star to fashion icon. This is her second time covering the magazine. The shots were taken by Camilla Akrans.

"Maybe my tummy isn't as tight as it used to be, but I've got four amazing kids, and that's what really matters."

Haha seriously Posh. You're such a doll. Do you love her?

Sourced from harperbazaar, hollywoodlife

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