April 30, 2012

Sam Kang ft. Tiffany: For A Kiss..

I must be lucky or this must be my day
It's the warmth of holding you till I'm infused by your scent
I think it's something I can feel for myself`
Could it get any better than this, I'm holding my breath
For a kiss

Unyielding motion that's wrapped up in a smile
But you seem so steady as I am burning inside
I feel the warmth as I have fallen too deep
Now I know that you know me cause I've been told to believe
It's just a kiss
For a kiss

Close your eyes and we can float away
All alone through this crowded place
Maybe you and I can find some time
Till forever or more
So baby move your lips
Come close I need this kiss
No time to fake I just can't explain

The sweetest touch that I just can't get enough
Could it get any better than this I'm holding my breath

For a kiss

Lovely tune isn't it? I specially love the lyric. Very sweet, very dreamy. And the video by Westscape Media conveys the dreamy atmosphere really well. Just a guy and a girl longing for one another, satisfied with just a kiss. Been told that it's just a kiss, but his emotion is storming inside. So cute.

The song can be downloaded only for $1 here.

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Courtesy of Westscape Media, Sam Kang Music