April 30, 2012

A Mixed Bag: Handbags Type and Your Personality?

Found this picture randomly on the net, and thought it's really funny. Which handbag is the most you?

I'm reminded of my college years where I loved to carry canvas tote everywhere (some free totes too). It was so easy and practical since I didn't have to worry about getting dirt on the bag. Can just place it anywhere I want it in the lecture rooms, or throw it however way I feel. No biggie.

I've got myself a Cambridge Satchel, and I'm a blogger, and I do feel like bringing a camera wherever I go. So maybe I'm there too. Celine.. not so much. Looks good but I don't put that many stuffs inside my bag too. Birkin? I wish.

Bottom line, the most hilarious witty joke is Chanel 2.55, worn with bitch lips? Spoiled -18 set? Lol! Belong to either the underage or 50+ momsies. I do feel that Chanel flap is really a classic. It's good in a way, being all classic and timeless. And it's safe. One style can fit many different outfits. Just need to apply different colours and you'll be alright. So.. yeah, classic is okay.

Image courtesy of Refinery29


  1. Definitely Celine luggage. It's just so me. I have yet to find another bag (in that price range) that I like more than the Luggage. <3