April 13, 2012

A Love-Hate.

At times, it's rainbow
At times, it's grey
One day the birds chirp
Then storm gives way
My heart, my sanity
Blown by the wind

This love
If it is love, tell me why
It hurts so bad

Do you remember?
It was pouring yesterday
Shouting at one another
No apparent reasons, funny
Dont even remember why


I hate it
I wish we are apart
Yet my thoughts,
They all run into you

You are my days
I remember your every gestures
Even your wrinkly laugh
Amuses my eyes

Us holding hands
Kiss on the cheeks
Old sweet melodies
Boring pc games
Your presence, is all I ever need

Thank you
I understand
I do
It ain't perfect
But still
I want to live this dream
A love-hate relationship


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