April 13, 2012

Laptop Overkill?

Also in April, 2011.

Still using my precious Sony Vaio at that time. I bought my baby macbook pro just about a month after this, I think. Sometime in May.

Never regretted the decision ever since.

Laptop Overkill?

Ok by saying overkill does not mean I refer to heavy computer usage of programming or games. I'm just wondering if leaving laptop on for the whole night would have any harmful effect for my beloved 2006 Vaio?

Nighttime accompanied by music is sweet, and greeting morning (or afternoon) sunshine with beautifully composed melodies set the whole course of the day. Is there any free, usable apps for laptop on/off timer?

Anyway, back to music. Just as we're only as far as who our closest friends are, I encourage people to challenge the self-proposed notion of we are reflected by the type of music that is sound in our heart. We are what we care to listen to. Note that I wrote listen to, not hear to, since I refer listening as a highly attentive process which require official approval from the executive system in our brain whilst hearing is a mere God given gift that is always there.

We choose what we listen to. Inarguably, music goes directly to the heart and soul parts of our existence. Music mirrors humanities' deepest desires and longings; be it the burning, passionate, romance, heartbreaks, future dreams and wishes, spiritual longings, hatreds, even as far as destruction. Yes, destruction.

Proverbs 4:23
"Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life."

Things left to take strongholds in the heart may be sweet as the morning dew, which builds up and encourage, or lethal, swiftly entering the fortress as thief of the night which intoxicates.

Let's slice up and dice up our choice of music for the moment.
Are there sexually suggestive rhythms?
Are there degrading, dishonoring lyrics?
Are there cussing, cursing or swearing throughout the songs?

God bless :)