April 4, 2012

Gorgeous (and Pricey) Valentino Clutches Spring/Summer 2012

The smallest, the least frequently used bags in our lives: Clutches.

I've never really fancied carrying small size clutches anywhere other than parties. Oversize clutches are still okay for malls and hanging out with friends, but small clutches? How can it fit my zillion stuffs inside? I sincerely think party-clutches are the most expensive handbags category in the market when we have to consider its functionality value against the cost. Personally, I think the dollar value isn't worth it.

Some people collect them though, for a justifiable reason. The clutches are expensive may seem to be caused by the intrinsic worth of the clutches themselves (example: Jewels, ornamented details, heavy embellishments, gold hardware, etc). That serves a valid ground for the clutch lovers. But it's just hard to believe that a tiny frame-structured silk pouch can sometimes cost as much as an everyday bag, made of all-leather material, manufactured by the same brand.

Take this Valentino rose clutch. It may look awfully gorgeous but the price is.. quite awful for the pocket. Personally, the beautiful rossette will never, ever, be a solid reason to spend nearly more than two grands for something I'll rarely use.

Valentino Silk-Georgette Rosette clutch

Valentino Satin Clutch with Rhinestone-Detail

Valentino Satin Clutch with Butterfly Rhinestone-Detail

Valentino Bow-Detail clutch

Valentino Bow clutch

Valentino Silk clutch

Valentino Bow Satin clutch

Regardless of the price, I really love how Valentino play with the dualism of femininity and sharp-edgy touch on their bags line; the colour palettes, lustrous satin materials, bows and studs. And the Gossip Girl stylists make them look really exquisite on the Waldorf princess. I love Blair!

Sourced from Purseblog, Valentino