April 29, 2012

Follow Jesus: A Short Movie of Christ By Igniter Media

Jesus: The Way. The Truth. The Life

And Peter said, "Bye-bye fishing."

Lol! The opening really cracked me up. And the amazing thing is, it gets even much, much better later on. I have to praise this clip over and over again for its witty jokes and hilarious pun on the Pharisees (note down that Pharisee number 3 guy with #unfollowjesus).

At the deeper level, the short movie pictures the fact that people in this digital era still encounters the exact same problem as those in Jesus' time period. Approximately 2,000 years back then, this guy called Jesus declared himself as the Messiah among the Jews. That means he claimed himself as the promised deliverer of the Jewish nation who has been prophesied in the Hebrew Holy Bible since ages ago.

"The Gospel asks a question that demands an answer: Will we follow? This video illustrates this truth through the dynamic lens of a 21st-century social network."

That is what they wrote in the movie description. Rings so true on my head. It's like, well, these days we can say that most people in the globe fairly knows who Jesus is - saviour of the mankind. His life, His ministry, His story, are all written in the bible. I think, the biggest issue that challenges most people nowadays is their life decision: To follow Jesus, or not.

Believing is one thing, but following is another. Would I say that believing Jesus is not desirable? By no means. Trusting His existence and having confidence in His authority is a great thing by itself. But that alone isn't enough. Following Jesus is a lifetime decision, broken down into tiny bits and pieces of day-to-day activities centred around Him.

It's never an easy task, believe me. But what we'll get at the end of our journey will totally surmount all kind of riches and satisfaction in life. Things you've never imagined in your entire life before - eternal joy, endless laughter, continual peace and infinite life fulfilment. That's all because He's the eternal bread and water that we humans ever need.

His, is incomparable to any kind of New Age teaching that we see blossoming these days. Give it a try!

Very original, very creative, and very inspiring. Thanks Igniter Media :)

Follow @Jesus!

Video courtesy of Igniter Media


  1. hehe yessss so good rite! It's funny!