April 24, 2012

Eurecca of The Red Soles: Christian Louboutin and His Cult

He's the epitome of shoes manufacturer, designer, promoter, publicist, and trendsetter in the world. He sits at the highest throne in this world's fetishism for arching heels. He's the genius inventor, whose creations break the rules and norms of common shoe knowledge. Daring, bold, and witty.

He is a 49 years old humble and funny guy, and I'm pretty sure we all know who he is. His wit and playfulness is evident in his creative designs. Shoes with spikes, studs, pointy toes, candy colours - name everything you can think of. That's what make his collection celebrated in the whole earth, crazed by celebrities and stay home moms equally.

The world famous Monsieur Christian Louboutin, in person.

Red soles is the first breakthrough for Louboutin. Toe cleavage comes next. As we know, Louboutin's creation is the ever-fun and ever-amusing shoes that can always bring us to a smile at his quirkiness, if not most of the time. He said that Princess Diana is her first inspiration of designing amusing shoes.

"It was 1992 and I was looking at this picture of Princess Diana taken while her husband was giving a speech. She looked so sad and bored, I thought, what would bring a smile to her face?"

The answer is, one of his earliest shoe design, the Love Shoe. It is a flat pump with contrasting trim which, when viewed from above will spell the word love. It is such a cute pair of shoes! As far as Louboutin knows, the princess never acquired a pair, but thousands of other women did. 

In his first year of business, he sold 200 pairs of Love Shoes, despite of his little shop at the dusty corner of Parisian shopping arcade. Now? An empire occupying numbers 12, 14, 19, 21, 23, and 27 of rue Jean Jacques Rousseau.

Everyone, from Sarah Jessica Parker, Oprah Wimfrey, Blake Lively, and Michelle Obama, has a sacred shrine in her wardrobe devoted specially to him. The world-famous author Danielle Steel apparently owns more than 6,000 pairs. One New Yorker told her husband that the Christian Louboutin name who kept appearing in their bank details was her gynaecologist. Another even buy the classics shoes repeatedly so she can tell her husband that it is the same shoe she has had for years.

Louboutin doesn't only create shoes, he creates a cult.

For those who don't enjoy the discomfort of towering-heeled shoes, he said, "Why not just wear pyjamas the whole time?  When I started, women kept saying they liked the shoes but they couldn't run in them. It drove me crazy, so I thought today I will watch how many people are running and I went all round Paris and no one was running."

"Don't reject a shoe because you can't run in it. It's OK not to run. You see more."

We hail you, Christian! And we love you!


  1. Sadly, I can't fit into his shoes. How I wish they run in different widths rather than just lenghts

    1. Yeah shoe width beda-beda sih ya tiap orang :(