October 1, 2012

Do Not Fear

Do not fear
for I am with you
Do not be dismayed
for I am your God

I will strengthen you
and help you
I will uphold you
with my righteous hand

Thus it is written
The Lord hath spoken
His promises are faithful
His decrees last for eternity

Have faith
Thou shall not fear
Be anxious of none
For He is the Lord, the God of all mankind.

What is it exactly that you fear in life?

Everybody got fear. It's part of being a normal human (I'll say those never experiencing fear are the abnormal people, or they're in heavy denial).

Evolutionist said that living organisms develop fear as a response to environmental threats, ensuring survival of the species. As we go higher up the biological hierarchy, the brain becomes more complex, and more sophisticated neural system is developed. That's why a scared fish reacts differently than a scared dog, and most obviously, different to a scared human.

We (you and I, humans) really are a complicated, beautifully ordered mess of hormones and nerves. When we're scared (stressed), our brain instantly switches to the fight or flight response. The hypothalamus will start hinting at our hormonal system to release the likes of adrenaline and cortisol to prepare us for a survival response, both physically and psychologically.

Heartbeat races, muscle tenses, more blood rich with oxygen and energy goes to our limbs, respiration increases, eyesight and hearing ability sharpens, and the brain is more alerted. We are prepared for a response. Do we fight, or do we run away from the danger?

However, it's easy to flee from a sabertooth in the jungle when you think you can't fight it off. But it's certainly a different thing to flee from a wicked boss in the office when he's throwing a tantrum right at your face. In this modern days, stress is truly repackaged. Things that cause us fear nowadays aren't things that we can run away from.

Threat of job loss, marital affair, bouncing paycheck, inadequate health insurance, etc can cause an unbelievable amount of stress in your life. You may fear for your family's safety, for your job security, for your marriage integrity, for your retirement savings, for world war III, for the terrorist next door, or for whatever.

Remember that prolonged fear is bad for your health. Fight/flight response isn't natural to our body, and it consumes a lot of energy. It's tiring to be at that stage for too long.

So what do you do when you fear?

I've always wanted to ask Superman to come into my life and save the days. But since I'm a Jesus fan now, I choose to flee and surrender it to Jesus. He'll take care of things out of my mind's power. And it works wonder :)

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