April 10, 2012

Dear Life. I'll See You Again on Monday

Dear Life

Sorry for not posting much at all lately. I'm going to take a week off for holiday, since I'll have to prepare myself for my new upcoming job :)

Of course, I'll be starting to blog again next Monday. Fresh, and spirited up!

Thanks for being such a great company in my alone time. Life's been great so far. I think I've been blessed abundantly so far, great friends, great job opportunities, great community, great weekends, great family, and so many other great things ever since I arrive in Jakarta. Feel specially more blessed by a new courage to take a new job and a new life direction.

Do you know? Minuet is a type of ballroom dance with slow, timely steps. Its origin is French, menuet, which means fine, and delicate.

Minuet of life is a small step of life.

This blog portrays my small steps of life. They may be slow and gradual, but they are consistent and always moving. I'm particularly enchanted by the luxury fashion industry and the world, and hence this blog :)

Small, tiny steps in life that leads me to discover more, and more, about fashion. Small decisions to keep me learning and gain more knowledge about the industry. Small actions to keep me on the right track, wherever the finish line is. This is the true purpose of my Minuet of Life.

One week to rediscover myself. I'm going to do some deep, serious sessions with myself. Some self-seeking, some soul-searching, you name it. Please be patient with me.

Until then, see you again, Life.
So long!

(Till Monday)

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