April 28, 2012

A Chat With God: On Prayer

This is a video my friend once shared on facebook. It was last week, I think, but somehow I keep delaying myself to watch it. At a first glance, the title looks really appetising: A Chat With God, who wouldn't want that?

I'd love to talk to Him eye to eye. One day, if it's possible. First thing I'll ask Him is.. who is He? Then some zillions other questions will follow. I'm quite a talker with one, extremely curious mind, so the things that I'd want to ask will be flowing endlessly.

I've been a Christian for about 2.5 years now, and there are just so many things I'm still clueless about Christianity. Things like.. you know, all those hardcore theological stuffs. But one thing I'm certain about is, Jesus is God. And He's the Saviour. Other things will follow and fall into places when the time is right :)

So? Do you enjoy the video? I think it's really funny and encouraging. I really hope one day I'll be able to create stories revolving around God and His sovereignty that can inspire people to walk closer to Him and be more passionate about Jesus.

One day. Amen.

Video courtesy of Worship House Media