April 4, 2012

Bottega Veneta Fall/Winter 2012 RTW: Mysteriously Powerful

Perfectly tailored coats and suits, flat riding boots, and gloves. It's mysterious, powerful, and excitingly dark. The Fall/Winter 2012 collection really puts emphasis on the individuality of women, specifically the ones whose lives are confident and assured. The models walked smoothly on the runway exuding a sense of certainty, and their allure is something hard to be explained.

See the handbags collection here.

I really love how this navy sweater is styled with a big rock-crystal brooch and cropped pants, although I'd prefer to pair them with loafer or moccasin instead of the pointy heel.

The knee-length crepe dress in natural beige. It shapes the body in a clean way and looks really well-groomed. I'll say the brooch is extremely gorgeous. Bottega's jewellery is always the top of the field due to the way it's manufactured and meticulously designed. Good enough reasons to justify the cost.


Sourced from Vogue

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