April 13, 2012

A Battle of Hope

I feel funny, when I hear friends bringing each other down by inconsiderate jokes and thoughtless comments.

"He's too stupid to do that."

"How can you possibly dream that?"

"Dude, don't aim too high."

"See? I told you not to take that risk."

"Hey, relax, and just enjoy what you have."

"You're too ambitious."

"Stop dreaming."

And the most agitating of all is: "Be realistic."

So what's a realist? Isn't there any place left for a dreamer?
An idealist?

I think the world really lacks encouragers. Positive people who are never afraid of dreaming a big dream, hoping for the most perfect job, and searching for the best relationship. You know, those people who can protect and guard their ideals in this mouldy world.

I understand that a lot of times, life brings disappointment and pain. How else, can we cope with broken promises and betrayal?

Grieving about your sorrow is one thing, but being bitter about that experience in the past is another thing. We have to move on, walk forward and greet the future.

I've seen so many people trapped in their past. WIlling or not, their history just keep on wandering in their head, fresh memory as if things just happened not long ago. Those memories are vivid, dark, bleak, and they bring despair. That's the most common way I've caught people approach their painful past. By regret, not reminiscence.

Bitter heart, then, come to be a natural life taker. The scars naturally transform that beautiful piece of heart into something unrelenting, unforgiving, unable to absorb anymore hurt and pain on its flesh. It fears disappointment, thus it shuts hope out. If fears anguish, thus it builds an unshakable fortress around the heart, to protect the insides. Perile! It shouts. No more pain. No more grief. No more heartache. No more dreams.

I myself isn't exempted. Only God knows the depth of a human's heart, and God knows just how broken a soul can be. But I choose to reflect, and learn, instead of remorse. I choose to fixate my sight on what's above, instead of gazing down. I choose to move forward and carry on the race.

I choose to believe, because God enables me to. I won't bother myself with whatever doubts roaring in my head, because I've set my sight on what's ahead. The past, the behinds, I'll just leave them be. There's nothing I can do with them anyway.

Why fear hope?

I'm not trying to blow anything out of proportion. For me, it all boils down to a choice. A life decision: To move forward, or to stand still. And yes, I agree, people you surround yourself with will greatly aid your resolution. Are they encouragers? Or are they disheartened people who're scared of dreaming dreams?

Words are sharper than thousand knives. Specially when they come from your loved ones. Be cordial to anyone, make friends along your life journey, but pick your loved ones carefully.

Choose, wisely. 

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