April 6, 2012

Alexander McQueen: Lace vs Satin Clutch?

This knuckle box clutch with lace-covered leather is extremely pretty! Imagine carrying it to a friend's matrimony reception with your long ivory silk gown. I've always had this mixed feeling with McQueen since skull isn't exactly what I say will represent my style the most. But some of their items are weirdly pretty (even with the skulls on!). Seductively sinister.

The above clutch is available at Zappos, but with a very high $3,145 pricetag. Too costly? I don't know how they justify the price, perhaps it's due to an all-handmade-decoration factor?

This one is also available there at $2,795. I personally the price is more justified for this satin clutch. Just look at the bead details! The embroidery is so intricate and breathtakingly gorgeous!

Sarah Burton, the successor of Mcqueen empire after his tragic death, has really done a great job managing the brand's creative concept and production. The haute couture is splendid, and the accessories line too is awfully impressive. It's as if for every Mcqueen gown that you own there'll always be the perfect clutch to pair it with.

Love Mcqueen!

Sourced from Zappos