April 13, 2012

3 AM

April 21, 2011

Salted caramel macarons. Crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside. Chilled and served fresh from the bakery.

Always a favourite.

3 AM

My flesh desire took a better part of me.

I was ultimately tempted by the presence and the look of that beautifully shaped macaroon. Salted caramel it is. Baroque. A twisted paradox of human nature, I may say. And of a female’s, I may say once more. The week’s determination of eliminating my calories consumptions finally subdued to the sweet irony, the sinful passion. A guilty pleasure.

The aim was to shake off some unwanted layers of fat out of the system. Nevertheless, life is cruel as it is. Mother of fate often causes us to choose the other path that we hate.

For once and for all, I tasted that beautifully made brownish macaroon, drank some water afterward, then went straight to the bathroom to have my teeth brushed. THAT'S IT.

Thank you sister for bringing those home. Many pleasures.