March 13, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Shoes Craze: Tribtoo & Opyum over Tribute

A brand popular not only for its ready-to-wear and handbags and perfumes and jewelleries and cosmetics, its shoes line has also attracted thousands (or millions) of devoted fans across the globe. Yes, Yves Saint Laurent is that revered.

Browsing around on YSL, I read about a Tribtoo review in a forum but I was particularly drawn to this point-toe heels. I've known Tribtoo for so long, but never really paid any attention to YSL's other types. Which colour do you think is better? The dark or lighter shade?

Opyum dark navy-purple suede point-toe pumps

Opyum blue suede pointed point-toe pumps

And the Tribtoo..

Tribtoo metallic gold leather pumps

Tribtoo violet suede pumps

Tribtoo black patent pumps

Tribtoo in beige linen and almond leather pumps

Riviera red suede and black patent slingback wedge

Wooden wedge pump in white, black, and red printed cotton and linen

Tribute in black suede with embroidered star detail

Tribtoo red suede pumps

Tribtoo white leopard printed leather. My favourite!

Palais electric blue suede pumps 

Wooden wedge pump in yellow, white, and blue printed cotton and linen

Tribtoo grey stitch-detailed leather pumps

Palais navy blue leather pumps

My statistic shows that: Out of 15 pairs of shoes, number 1 position is topped by classic Tribtoo pumps (7 shoes). The second rank goes to Palais, wooden wedge, and opyum. All of them score 2 pairs each, and the rest is one Tribute and one Riviera (the cute red suede wedgie).

I do love stiletto in classic shape like pumps. Sandals and sling-backs, not so much. Sudden realisation told me that the last time I've worn slippers was when I got out of the swimming pool. And last sneakers was only during a church event. Basically it's just flats or pumps recently. If you consider pumps as flats with heels attached to the back, then yeah, just flats for me.

What about you? What's the shoes type you've worn the most lately?