March 3, 2012

Victoria Beckham Fall/Winter 2012 RTW: Professionalism Meets Grace

It's a world of collar, stripes, and knee-high socks. A bit on the sporty edge, it appears that her husband and sons' influence is huge in her design. The collection, as always, is so Posh.

The central theme is never sporty, though. We can see models overflowing the catwalk with smart looking, superfitted dresses, and I mean SUPER. I think only Posh can manage to wear these dresses at her age, add to that being a mother with three kids.

Colours are mostly on the basics: Khaki, deep navy blue, and black. Only few pieces are in red and cobalt blue. Overall, everything looks poised, tastefully done and wearable. The only thing that is a bit off for me is the socks, ribbed, and paired with chunky ankle boots. That's just so not me, even if it's Louboutin.

The horizontal bands are perfectly done, creating contrasts and dissecting the body at various flattering points. The waist belts also add more depth into the body shape illusion, accentuating the slim waist and giving off that final touch to the overall figure.

Shirt-dresses are plenty, with flat, turned down collars and vertical stripe elongated to the middle chest area. This really makes me think of polo, and I generally shy away from wearing one since I think it looks too boyish and plain. Yes, I used to wear polo plus jeans plus sneakers at my school age, but now, never. I really admire how Posh successfully manage to create an interesting mix of shirt-dress and luxury. See the shiny black python collar on one of the shirt-dress, or in the khaki coat's lining. A very cool understated luxury. Subtle, but we know it's there.

"There isn't one thing in the collection I wouldn't wear myself. I want to wear everything!" said Posh excitedly, after the show's done.

Super chic military style coat!

My favourite piece in this collection! But still not into the shoes.

Mrs Beckham is such a polished and refined lady, and her collection truly reflects her personal attire, her identity. It's amazing to be able to find such integrity in the fashion industry nowadays, and that's why I have high hopes for the success of her RTW line in the future. Root for Posh!

On the side note, she just won the Designer Brand Award at the British Fashion Awards last year, in 2011. The fashion world is gradually showing acceptance to her work, so are you?

Images courtesy of Vogue