March 8, 2012

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2012 RTW: Hermes, Chanel, YSL

Here are some footage of Hermes, Chanel, and YSL runways from the Fall 2012 RTW in Paris. All three brands have a wild reputation and devotees all over the globe, but each with its own distinct style and character. All three are originated in France, more specifically, the fashion capital Paris.

I won't call them sisters, no. To contrast their work of arts is similar to comparing Picasso and Michelangelo, same line of business but stark milieu difference. Whereas Chanel was established near the World War I era, 1909, YSL was founded in 1962, the free souls of Generation X. That would mean that in 2012, Chanel is aged 103 years old and YSL is only half its age, 50 years.

Hermes, on the other hand, is going on its 6th generation leadership now. The ultimate luxury fashion icon was established in 1837, somewhere between the Regency and Victorian fashion era. Hermes was initially founded to manufacture luxury horsing equipments, and the business soon found to expand to other lines of fashion.

But yeah, Hermes, Chanel, and YSL, they all have their own unique and well-defined personalities that can't be contrasted to one another. But they share identical ethos: Pioneer, groundbreaker, trendsetter. They create fashion as it is, today.

So which one you like the most? Me, YSL. Dark and sexy!

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