March 15, 2012

L'Odyssée de Cartier: 165 Years of History

Such a dreamy, perfectly crafted piece of art. Tres magnifique!

The panther, the desert, the snowy hills, the castle, the mansion and all the jewels etc everything is so exquisite. Such a beautiful creation and visually stunning. If I've never previously heard of Cartier I'll definitely think this is some fable movie trailer. Seriously.

This film premiered in 15 major cities this March, including Paris, NYC, Milan, Beijing, Seoul, Dubai, and Hong Kong. From the beginning, our sight follow a panther, Cartier's icon since 1914, on a journey across the world as it relives the history behind each of the brand's signature pieces and the three founding Cartier brothers: Pierre, Louis, and Jacques.

The advertising is directed by Bruno Aveillan with a team of 50 people internationally, in addition to three panthers trained by Thierry Le Portier. The clip also stars model Shalom Harlow who wore three Cartier signature pieces in the mansion. They took almost two and a half years to complete this ads, with shooting locations in Prague, Italy, Spain, and Paris. Cost was estimated to be approximately $5.2 million.

"This film is the epic story of the King of Jewellers, moved by its passion for creation and for interacting with the world's cultures."

Try to spot some of its fancy watches along the way.

Original score for the film was created by Pierre Adenot, and recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London. That recording studio is the place of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord of The Rings. No wonder it's so good.

The previous ads, Cartier Winter Tale published in last November. It's really beautiful and the music is awesome! The score is composed by Michael Tordjman, a seasoned French music producer. I love his fairytale-like interpretation of this clip!

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