March 3, 2012

Hot Pink Blazer and Red Chanel GST

This is exactly what I'm wearing today, Saturday noon blogging alone at Opus Cafe, Plaza Indonesia. ALONE. Does it sound sad to you? Lol.

Well, initially I was accompanied by my photographer friend, a professional who slept through his night yesterday and forgot to edit his works. So we both brought our laptop here, me doing my blog and him doing his picture-editing stuffs. But he got another plan on the evening so he had to leave first, while I'm still here trying to finish my work to-do list.

I'm starting to catch this habit of asking friends to take pictures of my outfit wherever I go. Wasn't into self-portrait taking before, but blogging really does change people's personality. So here's some pictures of me, today. Blazer is Zara and I really love the shade. It's hot pink but it's as sweet as you can ever get from a cotton blazer. Semi-formal, perfect for every occasion. Pair it with a little black dress and black suede heels, you can never go wrong with this outfit.

Posing a bit *teehee*

So I'm thinking of a hot pink slim waist belt. What do you think?