March 28, 2012

Hermes Birkin vs A Laptop Sleeve: Which One?

Ever fancy a million dollar laptop sleeve? I can never imagine having a laptop cover that costs like hundred thousand times more than the original cost of the thing it's supposed to protect. This one is even way, way off. It's 11 million dollar. Yes, it costs 11 million in the same dollar that we all know. USD, not a Chinese or Indonesian dollar. 

The sleeve is covered with 8,800 round cut diamonds, each with their own certificate of origin. If you're afraid of the diamonds scratching the laptop, don't worry. The opening is protected with rare Siberian black sable fur which ensures a smooth insert that is scratch-free.

The CEO said he is inspired by the "I Am Rich" iPhone apps that costs $999.99 back in 2008. It's just a bit absurd to think what steps the management team has undergone to come up with this crazy 11 million dollar sleeve idea. While it may break the world record, I think the move is simply a bit off. The problem lies within their main product ranges and target market. The normal sleeves that they offer only cost around $20-$40. Although they look decent, they're just normal. How does this diamond studded sleeve contribute to the company's sales? Is it just a one-off strategy to popularise the brand? Or hopefully to make a profit from the most expensive sleeve's sales? I'm clueless.

It's still higher than the most expensive haute Hermes collection in rose gold and diamond exotic crocodile skin, which costs nearly $2 million. They produced two version of this diamond studded bag, a Kelly and a Birkin, made only for the insanely rich dudes. Which will be gifted to the wives, of course.

Say, if you're a billionare who's capable of spending millions as how I spend $100s, would you get any of this?

Sourced from coverbee, PurseBlog