March 18, 2012

Happy Graduation 2012! UNSW, Sydney

Happy graduation to me!

At last. Graduated.


You can't imagine how happy I am to finally end this university life. Being a student is fun, it has its own perks and thrills, but 4 years there is more than enough. Most of my friends completed their study in 3 years while I had to wait for another year to enjoy this liberty. I had to take an additional year since I did a double degree in Actuarial studies and Psychology.

The great thing about combined degree is, you actually obtain two certificates on your graduation day! One paper from each faculty. That means you're allowed to get two graduation plaques (yeah!) and I love plaque! It looks so cool on your bedroom wall.

Closer look, without the graduation hat. I only wore the hat when the photo required me to, and during the grad ceremony. This head piece was quite annoying since it kept on slipping down and fell from my head. I wish they can put some sticky tape that can secure it nicely on my hair. Perhaps the size's too loose for me? Or is every graduation hat like that?

Isn't the kitty doll adorable? And the balloon is just lovely! Thanks girls for arranging it. I love you!!

It's so sad that I have to leave Sydney after enjoying life there for 5 years long. Leaving my Sydney church and friends saddens me even more. Goodbye, my second family. I'll forever treasure my bittersweet memories with you and cherish the moments we're together.

Finally, embarking on a journey of working life. Wish me luck guys!