March 26, 2012

February, As I Know It

I really apologise for not posting anything at all lately. These past few weeks have been such a busy week that I nearly flipped over maintaining work, family time, my emotional health and passion in blogging. I'm nowhere near mentally ill, believe me, but life occurrences in these recent weeks have just been too overwhelming!

First, I got a new church (yay!) that I've come to love so much. The people are extremely courteous and friendly, and being there for only few times already made me feel like being a part of the family! Thank you The Cause for your presence!

Of course, as active as I can be, I've jumped into one of the newly established ministry - The Social Media team. This too has been consuming my time and I find myself still trying hard to put my responsibilities in order. There are many challenges as members are still few and tasks mainly lay in the grey area. But I know that the team is still budding, and I'm very excited to see it grows!

Blogging and ministry is actually fine. I really enjoy my time doing both and I could still keep up with it. The blow was actually my dad's health. He got this spinal cord herniation issue on his thoracic area, T9-10 to be precise, and it had caused him significant difficulty in walking. The problem had started since mid 2011, so it's been going on for about half a year by the time I was back in Jakarta. Since then, the disease had gotten worse and the progress was nowhere near a smile on his face.

By the time he had the surgery, he really had trouble walking that he needed a walking stick. He couldn't drive or ride a bike, couldn't swim (exercise he enjoys the most), couldn't run, and couldn't walk backward. Even going down the stairs for a few steps really gave him the fright. We went to see so many doctors in so many places. Singapore's Mount E and the private clinics, Siloam Hospital, Husada, Mitra, etc in Jakarta, I can't count how many appointments my dad had.

Add to that the alternative medicine, chiropractic, and physiotherapy. I guess the number can amount to 100? That's within an 8-month period from July to February. We can say that's nearly 3 appointments a week. Every appointment came with a more disheartening outlook. Crazy!

Doctors said the problem lied within his muscle coordination and balance, not the strength itself. We can, of course, perform a surgery to relieve the pressure to his spinal nerves, but that also comes with a risk. Doctors told us that my dad can go through therapy to at least stop the progress of the disease, and that we should just wait until surgery is necessary. Surgery is always the last option. What's the risk? Permanent life disability.


Scary right? Well anyway, we went to see a Prince of Wales neurosurgeon in Sydney and he gave us a really positive perspective of my dad's condition. He said something like surgery is a must, if we want to completely eliminate the risk of disability. Because, with the operation, dad can have like 98% chance of regaining his leg's normal condition, and without the operation he will have 98% chance of disability instead. This was during my Sydney's graduation last week. Could you imagine how hectic it was?

Thank God, the surgery was such a success. Everything went smooth and well. No complication, no extended op time, no unnecessary issue, and the greatest news is, my dad's leg is now back to normal! Three nights in the hospital and the doctor told us to just get back home. No need for further therapy, dad can just do it on his own at home. Gloria al Signore!

This is a picture that I took in the hospital room. Happy, smiling face after the wonderful surgery, wearing a blue Prada saffiano luxe tote with blue Zara blazer and Bettina Liano jeans. It all seems like a dream now. A nightmare that ends in a blink of an eye.

So long Sydney. I'll miss you heaps.